Volume drawings on the wall: MASTER CLASS


I often see on the net a beautiful wall decoration with a three-dimensional pattern. I am delighted with such a design! But ... for me, for now this is only a dream! I think this design will help someone when choosing a design for their apartment.

I really like such simple and concise drawings. ... And why we need all sorts of wallpaper there, took it and painted on the wall everything that fantasy tells. Although, of course, many ideas can only be implemented by a professional ...

But I think everyone can do such a drawing:

Volume patterns on the wall. Step-by-step master class interior decoration

You need a bit of free time and patience for volumetric wall decoration, because decorating walls is a laborious task. An interesting way to volumetric wall decoration is drawing a pattern on the stencil and its further coloring. You can buy ready-made mass for creating relief or to make it from gypsum plaster. Stencils are also sold in stores, but not always suitable ones can be found. We will show how to make a stencil for the bulk decoration of the wall itself.

If you are not an artist, look for ideas for creating patterns in wallpaper samples.

For the bulk decoration of the wall we need:
Sheet of cardboard 50 x100 cm;

masking tape;


gypsum plaster (36 UAH / 30 kg);

primer (20 UAH / 30 kg);

acrylic paint (21 UAH / 4.5 kg);

a knife; putty knife; plaster stack;

tassel; spray gun;

scraper; oil marker

We place a sheet of thick cardboard on a hard surface, draw a prepared pattern on it and cut a stencil.

We attach the stencil on the wall with masking tape, evenly apply a previously prepared mass of gypsum plaster to the holes.

When the plaster begins to set (it will already be fixed on the wall, but it will not harden yet), carefully peel the stencil off the wall.

With the help of a plastering stack we fill the voids in the relief with plaster.

Spray plaster relief with water and simulate it with a brush.

When the relief is dry, rub it with emery paper and a scraper.

To make the relief surface stronger, we saturate it with varnish-primer.

We paint the whole wall with an ornament with acrylic paint. Apply two layers.

Then the picture can be painted in gold with a felt-tip pen (or with a thin brush).

And a few more volumetric decor ideas on the walls: