16 ideas on how to use old towels


Towels quickly fail due to frequent washing. Using them is not so pleasant, but it is a pity to throw it away. For those who want to free their wardrobes and get pleasant trifles for the house there are as many as 16 interesting ways.

Napkin for the kitchen.

Such napkins are very convenient and therefore are in demand among hostesses. But if you wish, you can use old towels cut into pieces of the desired size instead of accessories from the store. Economical and environmentally friendly.

2. Bath mat.

For such a rug is better to take a few towels of different colors. Great thing after a shower!

3. Cozy slippers.

Necessary thing in cold weather! You can use two things at once that have served their own - old towels and slippers that have become unusable. Just sheathe old shoes with a terry cloth, putting a batting between the details. It seems that it is such issued in spas?

4. Soft washcloth.

Excellent facilities for massage in the bathroom. Perhaps it will not dry as quickly as a bast made of synthetic materials, and it will have to be changed more often. But original and free. And environmentalists would thank you!

5. Beach bag.

Spend 20 minutes, maybe even less, and you will have an excellent bag in which you can put everything you need for a beach holiday. And if you live far from the sea - there will be an extra reason to plan a pleasant trip.

6. Nozzle for mop.

To use old things for mopping earlier was in the order of things. But now we are used to using more comfortable mops. It turns out that it is not necessary to buy a new nozzle that will not slide off while washing the floor in the supermarket. It is enough to find a pair of buttons and an old towel at home ...

7. Babydoll after the bath.

If most of the towels are in excellent condition (for example, the edges are damaged, or the stains could not be removed from some places), you can sew such a cute peignoir. It is convenient to wrap in it after a bath or bath. Or maybe you will like the idea so much that you decide to use a new towel?

8. Another version of the rug.

Even the smallest shreds will do. Just cut the towels into small strips and tie a rectangle of plastic mesh into such pieces. For those who love all the fluffy!

9. Bib for the baby.

All you need is to carve out the size and sheathe the edges of the oblique inlay. Several “bibs” can come out of one towel at once. Parents of babies will appreciate the idea!

10. Mitts for hot.

Such a useful thing in the kitchen can be made from a piece of an old towel folded several times and colored cotton. The resulting rectangle must be stitched diagonally to get a quilted surface. If classic rhombuses seem boring, you can choose any other pattern. The main thing is to secure the towel between the pieces of calico.

11. Terry kittens.

These kittens can serve as toys for children and decoration for the bathroom. They are so cute that for their sake it’s not a pity to donate a completely new towel. Cat lovers will definitely appreciate the idea.

12. Comfortable pillow.

Pillows do not happen much! And if your house is full of old towels, you can fill it with pillows of various shapes and sizes. Such a useful accessory can be taken with you on a journey, and the road will not be tedious.

13. Organizer for cosmetics.

A great way to clean up the bathroom. And all the little things in their places and the old towel was used. Especially true for homes with small bathroom size.

14. Kitchen towel.

And from the old towels you can make ... a towel. But for business purposes. And to make it fit in design, you should add a finish of chintz and satin ribbons.

15. Watchband.

The idea is for those who not only care about ecology, but also hope to involve others in this useful work. The watch on the original strap will attract attention, and will help to start a conversation on the topic of nature conservation

16. Bedding for animals.

A great alternative to another trip to the veterinary store. You can provide personal pillows every quadruped apartment dweller!