For a holiday

Interesting ideas of Christmas crafts in the form of a dog


New 2018 comes to us, and it will be the Year of the Yellow Dog!

May all our readers bring good, joy, health and well-being, and may the yellow dog be a friendly and affectionate friend, guarding our peace and tranquility!

Holidays are coming when all the most delicious treats are cooked at home, the rooms are decorated with lights and toys, and the children, having enough to lie in the snow, return home with frosty cheeks, they want something interesting that they could do with their mom, dad, grandmother , grandfather and the whole family. Without a doubt, you are ready to offer them something new, some ideas that will wake up imagination and present unforgettable moments in a circle of relatives, as well as leave pleasant memorable surprises about the holiday. In the coming year, have a small homemade talisman of the year appear in your house - a self-made dog.

In our "box" we collected a lot of ideas, from dog-shaped cookies, origami and amigurimi, to the theater of shadows and felt products. Choose what you like best.

Perhaps you have long promised your daughter to learn how to play toys made of wool. Winter holidays - the best time for this! This fun group may well be on your windowsill, and very soon!

Such a dog, who wants to play the ball, can be drawn, and can be molded from cold porcelain or plastic, and then painted. You can also use our recipe "plasticine", which is prepared from simple ingredients: flour, salt and water. But we'll talk more about that.

Friendly felt company! All that is needed for this project is felt pieces, scissors, glue, ribbons, padding polyester or wool for packing, thread and needle, and maybe a cup of flavored tea with cookies?

If the house has a collection of traffic jams, we have a few ideas for creative projects:

Wire and jute rope

Amigurima buldogs made from bulky filaments

It's amazing what you can make out of paper.

Ragged Pillow

Christmas decoration of felt

During shopping, pay attention to the molds for making figures. Try to make your own "clay" for the manufacture of toys. It is done very simply: Mix a glass of flour, a half glass of salt and a half glass of water. Done! You can start sculpting. When the job is done, let it dry, and then you can paint the finished dog and varnish it if desired.

Very cute felt dogs, which until the end of the holidays will serve as Christmas-tree toys.

For fans of quilling - artisans to curl paper strips and create art objects out of them

And a little more felt dogs

Here you can find 2 models for dogs, which can be made from paper using origami technique.

But this picture can be copied, printed on a printer and together with the children draw a cheerful Dalmatian, and at the same time learn the English alphabet!

Step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of a group of miniature white dogs

A little practice, you can blind here just such a yellow dog in 2018!

If there is a collection of buttons in the house, make this wonderful appliqué!

More felt dogs! They are so cute, and make them not at all difficult.

Why not make the whole family a fun collage by collecting photos of four-legged pets on it?

A small cushion on which you can draw just such a red dog with textile markers

A fun app for a board over a desk

For lovers of amigurimi - cute four-legged babes

Such a dog can be made from sugar mastic to decorate a festive cake.

To create this artwork, you need only a pencil and paper.

In patchwork style, that is, from patches

How much purity in these huge and piercing painted eyes!

A set of toys on the Christmas tree from paper

Very comfortable pillow!

Dachshunds - cute couple

Amigurimi dogs a lot does not happen!

Felt bulldogs

Dogs for Finger Puppet Theater

And these drawings are for the theater of shadows.

After a nice festive winter day