Aromatic do-it-yourself wax sachets


Aromatic sachets are a dry fragrance in the form of a bag or handbag, which is used to make bedding smell good. Now you will learn how to make an original wax flavor that can be hung in a closet, placed in a bathroom or placed under a pillow to inhale the natural and wonderful classic rose scent, soothing lavender scent, reduce stress and scare moth, or the woody scent of sandalwood, which improves mood and reduces anxiety.

Materials and tools:

- wax paper;
- honeycomb or beeswax;
- oven pot;
- empty big can;
- kitchen tongs;
- wooden stirrer or paddle;
- essential oils (rose, lavender, sandalwood or any other);
- fresh or dried flowers that can be replaced with artificial flowers or decorations to your taste;
- mold for stamping soap;
- universal knife;
- a lighter or other source of flame;
- long nail or steel skewer (optional);
- jute twine (optional);
- tip.

Step 1

Cover the surface with wax paper. If you use a piece of honey, cut it into several pieces, given that they should fit in the bottom of the tin can. Put them aside.

Step 2

Pour water into the pot so that it is about 3 cm high and place a tin can in the pot.

Step 3

When the water boils, hold the tin can with kitchen tongs and place beeswax into it. From the heat the wax will begin to melt. Stir it with a wooden stirrer or skewer until it melts completely. Add a few drops of essential oil, selected to your taste, to the melted wax for aroma, and stir.

Step 4

Place fresh or dried flowers or any decorative ornaments in the mold for stamping soap. If you are using dried flowers, place them face down, as the bottom of the mold will be the top of the wax sachet.

Step 5

Slowly wax each half of the soap dispenser and gently press the flowers into the wax with a wooden stick.

Step 6

Place the remaining flowers on top if you want the flowers to be visible on both sides of the sachet.

Step 7

Top up the wax so that the mold is filled to the brim and put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

Step 8

Remove the mold from the freezer and turn it upside down. The wax blank should be easily detached from the mold, but if it is stuck, it should be picked up a little with a knife.

Step 9

If necessary, remove excess wax residue from the edges of the tile with a knife.

Sasha is ready, but you can make him a suspension.

Step 10

Heat a nail or an iron rod with a lighter or other source of flame and gently pierce the wax tile when hot.

Advice: it is better to pierce a hole on the back of the sachet so that it turns out to be neater from the front.

Step 11

Pull the twine through the hole in the tile and hang the sachet where you like.

You did the original sachet, didn't you?