For the House and Cottages

Having learned these 33 tricks, you no longer need to clean the house. Incredibly easy!


Each of us understands how difficult it is sometimes to clean up the house. Coming from work, we fall down with fatigue, which makes us forget about cleaning. Every day the mess is getting worse and worse, which certainly spoils our mood. But a problem always has a solution! These 33 ideas will help you save time, better organize your life and, perhaps, get rid of unnecessary stress.

1. All cleaning products can be hung on the cabinet door in bags of new shoes.

2. Stick the paperclip to the end of the adhesive tape or tape, save a lot of time!

3. Similar cords can easily fix any sports balls.

4. Any annoying little things look great in a carton of eggs.

5. Things you rarely use can be put on the shelf above the door. Very practical for small bathrooms.

6. Spices can be poured into these magnetic Ikea jars by hanging them on the refrigerator. There is room in your kitchen cupboard!

7. T-shirts take up less space if you put them vertically. Moreover, it is much easier to distinguish between them.

8. An old tea box can become a pencil. Using a small magnet, you too can hang them on the fridge.

9. With the help of baskets you can restore order even in the freezer.

10. Distinguishing between wires is now super-easy! Save the nerves.

11. When the cable falls to the floor, you need to climb under the computer desk and be sure to bang your head against it. Regular paper clips to the rescue!

12. This shelf system in Ikea was invented for the kitchen. But for the art workshop they are also suitable.

13. These wooden "rails" can be hung on the ceiling. So you can always use practical free space.

14. Such a board with suckers in the garage is convenient for any sports equipment.

15. This staircase on the ceiling is a bit weird. You can easily use it as a dryer or clothes hanger.

16. With the help of a magnetic board, you can organize your own beauty salon!

17. With baskets hung, your bathroom can become even more practical.

18. Brackets for fixing pipes and jars of jam can also help you to clean up the bathroom.

19. Unnecessary PVC pipes can be hung on the door of the cabinet and used for a hairdryer.

20. The holder for the paper, in principle, is also suitable.

21. If you put a duvet cover and sheets in a pillowcase suitable for them, you will no longer have to look for the lost details of bed linen.

22. By hanging such a shelf, you can make the most of the space of the kitchen cabinet.

23. Knives on a magnetic tape is a great idea.

24. And again about cleaning products. They can also be hung under the sink.

25. With such a rotating tray, mustard in your fridge will never mold again.

26. Hang all the hangers in the closet back. The clothes you wear can be rotated again in the right way. In a year you will see which things you no longer need.

27. The cereal container is ideal for trash in the car.

28. All manicure items can also be hung on a magnet in a locker.

29. With this newspaper shelf you can now always find a suitable lid for the pan.

30. Waste eaves can be adapted for the kitchen cabinet. Order will be clearly more.

31. In the old sash logs look great!

32. If you put a washing machine on a similar shelf, you can easily find a place and divide it at the bottom for dirty laundry.

33. Tired of looking everywhere gum? Hang them on the bottle! So they are always in one place. Similarly, you can do with bracelets.

Simple as that! How could we not think of it ourselves? If these tricks are useful to you, share them with your friends!