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21 kitchen gadget that will surprise guests and greatly facilitate your life


Everything simple is ingenious, and ingenious is simple. Many actions in the kitchen are carried out equally for years and years, until someone comes up with a solution that saves time and effort. We vouch for you, you didn’t even suspect that such things exist - look and make sure you need them.

1. Accurate test dispenser

Perfect dosing!

2. Holder for the cover and stand for the spatula - 2 in 1

Your kitchen racks do not deserve stains from tomato sauce.

3. Shield to protect the surface of the slab from splashing oil

Because you are cleaning the stove, maybe once in 10 years.

4. Plugs for slots

Can you imagine how many drops and crumbs would have accumulated in these crevices without them ?!

5. Spinning garlic press

No garlic hands and flying garlic pieces - all this is in the past!

6. Super-easy cutting board with waste basket

Because cleaning somehow manage to be in completely inappropriate places.

7. Anti-boil caps

Nothing could be worse than cleaning the stove!

8. Dispenser for sugar or any other bulk substance.

Keep these bulk bodies under control, they need an eye and an eye!

9. Bags with which you can make fried cheese in a toaster

So fat will not be melted out of cheese.

10. Holder for bags with clips

Spilled package contents? Passed stage.

11. Cute Snail - Tea Bag Holder.

Goodbye tea stains!

12. Holders for spatulas and spoons

Prevent runoff dripping.

13. Foldable cutting board

Cleaning - such annoying creatures! They never stick together.

14. Nozzle for spill liquids

Spill the liquid? What is it?

15. Elegant device for cutting onions.

Now cuts are not terrible, and the cutting will be perfect.

16. Miniature beater.

Perfectly beats a skin, it turns out very dense and well holds a form. Heat the cream (preferably 20%) in the microwave, then beat for 30-40 seconds, add sugar, pour coffee, sprinkle with cinnamon and vanilla. Soooo tasty !!!

17. Device for cutting sausages spiral.

Good thing. But summer is coming, it will surely come in handy!

18. Watermelon knife

Now even a big watermelon is not stale! 😀

19. Dough slicer for cakes

Very cool thing, easy to use!

20. Just a device for cleaning citrus.

Love oranges, but hate to peel them? Now this is not a problem!

21. Cheese grater

Do you like pizza or sprinkle with macaroni cheese? You can still impress guests 🙂